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Leaf Sensors for true aeroponic growing September 24, 2010

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AgriHouse’s leaf sensor technology product family just got larger – especially for aeroponic growing.

Leaf Sensor & True Aeroponic Growing (TAG)

There’s no better closed-loop growing technology than true aeroponics growing (TAG).  Why?  Because the minimal water required per spray duration.  For instance the GS-V aeroponic system will deliver approximately 200 ml  (or 6.6 oz)  water/nutrients per 161 mature plants in 8 sq ft. 

The spray delivery rate is 200 ml spray every 3 minutes, most of which returns to the system’s reservoir.  Leaving the entire plant growing in air until the next spray.  That’s only 1.2 ml of water/nutrient solution per plant.  

What else can grow a plant with 1.2 ml of water per spray? 

A true aeroponic plant will spend over 89% of its time in growing in air.  But just when you thought that 200 ml of water per spray every 3 minutes was a low amount of water to sustain aeroponic plant growth.  It’s time to think less.  

Affixing a leaf sensor to an aeroponic system can conserve 20% or more water to grow a plant.   Besides using less water this means less energy and nutrients to run the system.  Another cost savings benefit  is reduced wear & tear on the pumps and solenoids.  Plus the plants determine their own watering needs for healthier growth.

Here is how it’s done.   

1. Install AgriHouse’s leaf sensor monitoring software on a PC running WinXP or Win2000.

2.  Connect the leaf sensor to AgriHouse’s new LS-DAQ Interface device. 

3. Connect the interface to the PC’s USB port.

4.  Connect AgriHouse’s new DT-02LS digital timer & solenoid to the interface and set the timer’s DIP#4 to ON.  

The Leaf Sensor Beta Monitoring Software knows when the leaf sensor is affixed to the plant and then determines the water needs of the plant. This based upon the bio-feedback of leaf turgidity.  The interface activates the watering/spray via DT-o2LS’s internal solenoid.  Only when the plant determines its watering needs (via the software) will water be sprayed for 3 seconds into the aeroponic chamber. 

The DT-02LS has a default timer mode in case the LS-DAQ Interface becomes disconnected or the PC is turned off.  The default timer mode is the standard 3 second spray every 3 minutes as mentioned above.  

AgriHouse’s new Leaf Sensor Beta Monitoring Software v2.2 includes calibration features, data logging, settable averaging period, real-time waveform display in micrometers, affixed and watering notification for up to four leaf sensors, master enable control of individual outputs. There are four configurable leaf sensor channels, each with individual outputs. 

The LS-DAQ Interface can connect up to four leaf sensors and control up to four separate Genesis Series V Aeroponic Systems and/or aeroponic chambers.  

Yes it’s true.  Affixing a leaf sensor to an aeroponic system can conserve 20% or more water and increase plant growth. 

Additional Information:

The NSF (National Science Foundation) has a new video on the leaf sensor subject. This video briefly covers  the subject of the leaf sensor technology operating the GS-V aeroponic system.

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