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The Rev 3 Leaf Sensor December 29, 2014

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The Rev 3 leaf sensor is now available.  It has new improved electronics and clip.  The clip is yellow making it easily visible to the naked eye.  The lightweight device (0.55 g) measures 1.0″ L x  0.25″ W x 0.45″ H.  Obtain real-time readings with a multimeter or data logger including Arduino devices and open source code.

Leaf Sensor Spec


Leaf Sensor knows water





AgriHouse has also released a Digital Meter to accompany the leaf sensor for an easy display of a leaf’s moisture level (turgidity). Turgidity or leaf thickness is measured in dc volts. The meters display resolution is 0.001 vdc (1 mv).   AgriHouse’s OEM digital meter powers the sensor so you don’t need an external battery.

Leaf Sensor on Strawberry_Meter

AgriHouse’s digital meter and leaf sensor


How to measure:

Take a reading before attaching the sensor to a leaf. Next affix the sensor to the leaf.  This reading is your turgidity voltage reading.

Watering lowers the voltage reading. When the voltage goes up its time to water.   The sensor is self-calibration upon removal from the leaf.

Leaf Sensor and Ardunio

Arduino with leaf sensor

Open Source:

The Rev 3 leaf sensor can be used with an Arduino Uno (10-bit resolution).   Connections are shown here (right).   Use a Arduino Due and get 12-bit resolution.

Plug the Arduino into your USB and read the real-time data on your PC.

To obtain a copy of the Arduino source code click sketch_leafsensor.txt

For more info visit LeafSensor.com